Damien Di Fresco

Full Stack JS Dev

About Me

Damien Di Fresco

Full Stack JS Dev

Started a career as Musician, composer and producer, I moved slowly away from this domain since 2012 and now, currently working as an IT Dev. My passion and interests for new technologies never ceased to increase.

Along with my 6 years of professional experience, I developed my analytical abilities, self-learning aptitude and problems solving competencies.

I'm interested in JS stacks as MERN, MEAN, SERN, SEAN,... or any other stack including NodeJS.

I'm also experienced in Sound Engineering, Video/Sound Editing, Teaching (Music), Community Managing & Coaching.

I usually self-learning new skills, just for the pleasure to know what I'm talking about.

Projects and Portfolio

Here you can see some works that I realized. Some made for myself, others made for work or even friends.

9TeeZ - Official Website

9TeeZ – Full Bootstrap Landing Page

Landing page made for my pop punk band 9TeeZ

Breaking Sciences : Plastic Industry mini game

WordPress game made for Dreammachine Agency This mini-game is inspired by Dumb Ways to Die and was made with Construct 3.

DiCE Clinical Trials Database

WordPress plugin made for Dreammachine Agency This plugin fetches data from https://clinicaltrials.gov/ database with PostgreSQL connection. The data are preloaded and sorted in a table. The data can be filtered and queried without loading time using AJAX and JS libraries

Cancers Country Data

WordPress plugin made for Dreammachine Agency This plugin displays some data from custom posts and fields in a table and use an SVG map as country selector. The main idea is to compare data coming from different countries.

Digestive Cancers Europe

Website made for Dreammachine Agency

l’Alcool et Vous

Website made for Dreammachine Agency

Blender Projects & Works

Few years ago, I followed a Blender course on Udemy. Just for fun.

Music Video : l’Italiano Metallaro

L’Italiano vero, the popular and famous Italian song from Toto Cutugno (lasciatemi cantare) goes metal in this funny Italian song parody. When a metal-head meets an Italian family and learns to eat spaghettis and forced to watch the Juventus Vs Milan A.C… A funny video with lot of “clichés”. Made with Ableton Live & Sony […]

Song Retranscriptions

Made with guitar pro (Gp5 File Format)