Damien Di Fresco

Full Stack JS Dev

Music Video : l’Italiano Metallaro

L’Italiano vero, the popular and famous Italian song from Toto Cutugno (lasciatemi cantare) goes metal in this funny Italian song parody. When a metal-head meets an Italian family and learns to eat spaghettis and forced to watch the Juventus Vs Milan A.C… A funny video with lot of “clichés”.

Made with Ableton Live & Sony Vegas Studio

Music Team

Original Composer : Toto Cutugno
Guitars, Keyboard, Arrangement, Mix : Damien Di Fresco
Vocals : Tony Carlino (From Max Pie, Belgium)
Bass Guitar : Andrea Arcangeli (From DGM, Italy)
Drums : Alex Picciau (From Blood In Venice & Nur, Italy)
Mastering : Damien Maillard (From Medi Art Studio, Belgium)

Casting & Video Team

The Grandmother : Rosalia Farinola
The Father : Tony Carlino
The Mother : Angela Di Fresco
The Brother : Vincenzo Maratta
The Daughter : Dinara Karimova
The Metalhead Boyfriend : Damien Di Fresco
Camera Operator : Daniel Mostosi
Assistant : Yannick Barreaux
Video Editing : Damien Di Fresco